Friday, 27 October 2017

The Achievale Layout Concept

I've had a few comments and emails on various forums I have shared my proposed track plan on.
The idea of a late mulitdeck layout has always appealed to me. Long runs between towns and lots of scenery. I went as far as numerous 3 level designs trying to fit the whole Yacolt line in.

Time for a reality check. I'm a single layout builder in a country town with limited man hours. How long will it take to produce scenery for 180' of layout. That's a lot of trees!

The achievable layout concept is nothing new to a lot of modelers but something to keep in mind when we design and build layouts. Plan for something that wont overwhelm you and you may get to an acceptable level of completion before distraction kicks in.

Trevor Marshal over on his 1:64 scale Port Rowan blog talks about the concept in detail and goes as far as providing several track plans.

I intend to apply this concept but keep the options open for future expansion of the line.

Take a top down approach building Yacolt and the logging area first before moving on. I hope that this approach will enable me to iron out the bugs, develop standards for wiring, control ect so they can be applied to the following stages.
This will also enable me to have an layout that I can hold operating sessions before moving to the next stage.
Lets see how this plays out over the next year or so.

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